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Window sill Sauberg: affordable prices, prompt delivery

The new and improved model line of Sauberg window sills from the Ukrainian manufacturer Open Teck is designed to make the interior of a residential or office space cozier, warmer and more attractive. Such products give the room a complete look, act as decorative elements, prevent the penetration of cold from outside and serve as a surface on which plants, books or small accessories can be placed. The range includes many models, made in a variety of colors, both with a glossy and matte effect.

By visiting our specialized online store Decorshop, you have the opportunity to buy a cheap white Sauberg window sill in a matte finish in widths of 150, 200, 250 and 300 mm, and of any length. Along with decent indicators of reliability and aesthetics, the Sauberg window sill has a moderate cost , which makes a luxury product accessible to the Ukrainian consumer with a low income.


In the production of the window sill , environmentally friendly polyvinyl chloride was used. The hallmark of the new model is the advanced design in the form of a rounded spout - Soft Line. The design is distinguished by the presence of plugs of an interesting configuration, as well as a perfectly flat surface, which is achieved by performing an additional grinding procedure.

The new model line and, in particular, the white matte Sauberg window sill has more advanced strength characteristics . This became possible thanks to an increase in the thickness to 20 mm and the introduction of additional stiffeners. Compared to alternative options, Sauberg window sills benefit not only from an affordable price, but also from a combination of obvious advantages:

How to order

You can buy a Sauberg window sill without leaving your computer by filling out an application at Decorshop, which is the official distributor of Open Teck products in Ukraine. Alternative options would be a personal visit to the salon in Kiev or calling the manager at the phone numbers listed on the website.

You can also visit the official Sauberg website and order window sills there - there is a convenient order calculator.

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